Care & Cleaning

  • Care
  • It is essential to take proper care of the genuine oriental carpets to increase their lifespan. Make sure you turn the carpet in use in the opposite direction at least once in 1 year. This would prevent the carpet from getting only one-sided wear.

  • Cleaning
  • For perfect cleaning, the idea is to remove the dirt very quickly. It is advisable to use a vacuum cleaner to remove the dirt as well as grit from the carpet surface
    Don't be worried about the small wool particles that you might find in the vacuum cleaner bag later. These are just abraded fibers or the ones remaining from shearing.
    Make sure you vacuum clean your carpet from the very first day itself. The direction of using the cleaner the same as the direction of the pile. This would ensure that the dirt doesn't settle deep into the carpet fibers. Clean it up before it penetrates into the pile and destroys the weave.

  • Stain removal
  • One can remove various carpet stains with special and quick treatments.
    Do not let the stain spot dry up itself. It is essential that the caret doesn’t remain wet. Hence, one needs to rub it dry.

  • Water damage
  • In case of any kind of water damage, one needs to be quick. A wet carpet should be catered to immediately and shouldn't be left wet for it to dry up itself. The colors of the carpet might smear into one another, thus, spoiling the whole carpet. Hence, take the necessary steps immediately to dry up the carpet at the earliest possible.
    Humidity is not good for the carpet. It makes the carpet fibers wry and wavy, and thus, lose its grace. In case of serious issues, it is advised to consult a carpet specialist and associate yourself with a good carpet laundry service.

  • Moths
  • Any kind of issues related to moths needs to be taken care of very seriously and immediately when it comes to carpets. Moths are very dangerous for the carpets as they can spoil the weave entirely and make the carpet unusable.
    Moths are generally found in warm and dark places. Hence, regular usage, fresh air, and light happen to be enemies for the moths. Exposing your carpet to light and fresh air once in a while would keep it away from the moth issue.
    Carpet laundry services also use techniques like ‘centrifuging’ for protection against moths. Conventional anti-moth products available in the market for carpets are helpful too.

  • Decolorating
  • Decolorating of carpets is not because of any issues with the quality of the carpet. The cause of decoloration of the carpets is excess of color in the carpet pile. It can be repaired by a professional and specialized carpet laundry service.

  • Plant Pots
  • Plant pots are not meant to be kept on carpets. They do not belong together. The humidity that occurs due to the plants destroys the carpet weave completely. The carpet also becomes rotten and fragile.

  • Repairs
  • It is advisable to consult a specialist for larger carpet repairs. Do not experiment much with the carpets by trying out different techniques by yourself.
    Most of the professional carpet services can provide you with services like re-fastening of the frayed edges, fixing the small holes in the carpet, etc.

  • Anti-slide under-layer (Rug pad)
  • Anti-slide under-layers are usually provided with the fine carpets or for the carpets are relatively less strong in the structure at the time of purchase. These under-layers prevent one from slipping and preserve the carpet at the same time.
    There are multiple carpet anti-slide under-layers meant for different purposes. For surfaces like velour, parquets, stone, etc., different anti=slide under-layers are available to prevent the carpet from ‘brush-effect’ that causes slipping or moving of the carpet as one steps on it. You can check out our collection of rug pads here.

    Assisting you with all your carpet needs would be our pleasure.