Type of Carpet

There are multiple ways to classify the types of oriental carpets. Here are different types of carpets that are known throughout the world.

  • Manufactory Carpets
  • Manufactory carpets are available in all the countries, and these carpets are in use since ages. These famous traditional carpets are made in well-organized enterprises in every size possible. Since the 16th and 17th centuries, manufacturers in Ottoman and Persia have been manufacturing magnificent carpets. This period led to carpets of tighter knots and complicated designs being crafted by outstanding artists. Many artists started the designs by making the drafts on graphs to help the weavers transfer the draw-in knots precisely.
    The period post 15th century saw the designs and ideas of carpets move to many other countries. Asian countries such as Pakistan, India, Turkey, Iran and many neighboring areas started making their changes in the style of carpets. Therefore, many high-quality carpets are available in most countries.

  • Nomadic Carpets
  • One can term Nomadic carpets as ancient carpets. However, these carpets play a major role in the countries they originated from. Multiple tribes move from one place to another in the countries of Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan and nearby places. During this process, the men are responsible for cattle breeding, and women give most of their time to precisely weaving the carpets.
    One of the major factors of originality of these carpets come from the change in weaving chairs. As tribes wander from place to place, the weaving chairs have to be set and destroyed at every place. This leads to irregularities in the carpet but holds the attractive design and originality. The major reason why Nomadic carpets are so famous is the way generations have handed down the colors and patterns of these carpets. This completely speaks about the way these people live, their culture, and neighboring areas.

  • Village Carpets
  • Many villagers show their traditional crafting skills in homes to weave these village carpets. These villagers weave carpets with their own styles, and there are multiple enterprises who have taken such people under them. Unlike nomads who use wool in their small-sized carpets for warp and weft, these villagers use cotton. However, the two designs are similar to a major extent. The size of these carpets can reach up to 12 sq. meters. Villagers use fine motives to carefully weave these carpets which makes these carpets famous all over the world.

  • Designer or contemporary carpets
  • There are many designer carpets available in the market aside from oriental patterned ones. As per the fashion trends, these carpets change quite often.
    These designer carpets are used widely in modern houses due to their versatility with the furniture.